March was a busy month. With Paganicon, Spring Break, and taxes volunteering (as well as having to do my own taxes, yay), it feels good to get back into the routine of regular life. I only have two more weeks of volunteering, and while I enjoy it getting free time back as the weather gets nicer is always welcome. Speaking of weather, while Minnesota spring has had the usual whiplash this year, my last walk in the park involved traipsing through mud instead of snow.  It now actually feels like winter is behind us. (Yes, I know I am dooming us to the last big spring snowstorm, in which mother nature says “Ha ha!” to all of us.)

For blogging, it is going to be one post a week for the foreseeable future. I am hoping to update some behind the scenes website stuff this month, which will make it easier for people to find this site. I am continuing the Pagan thrift series, and plan to squeeze in a book review.

I hope everyone had a happy Ostara who celebrates. As a reminder, the Vita program allows people to get free volunteer tax prep for those who qualify. May everyone have a joyous tax day with an abundant refund.

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