Happy Imbolc!

We still have a few months left of winter in the frozen tundra, but Imbolc marks a halfway point. There is a small thaw, and the knowledge we have endured until now, we will make it through the rest of this winter without turning into ice cubes. Just pretend there will not be a May snowstorm which is Mother Nature’s way of saying “Ha ha! Whelps!”

Going through a decluttering in my office. While I may not go full Marie Kondo (I am of the opinion her name has become a verb) it feels like a weight lifting as I start getting rid of things. I have a tendency to tell myself “I will totally use this! Someday. For something.” And then it takes up space for 8 years. Being honest with myself if I haven’t done anything with this in so many years I am not going to, or I just don’t have the space for that is tough. But my workspace needs it. It is freeing to find out how easy it is to drop electronics off at the recycling center. I know we’ll have plenty more stuff to bring, but there is something to be said about doing several small trips. You at least know you’re starting to get rid of stuff.

With Imbolc being about new beginnings, I am trying to embrace good change. While listening to the Creative Penn podcast, the interviewee said “it isn’t one big thing, its many small things”. Maybe all the small changes will bring on the big changes. I have some changes in store for the site, and hopefully they all add up.

The trap to fall into is not to try to do everything at once. Change is difficult and exhausting, even when it is good. Habits take time to strengthen. Steady plodding forward has always struck me as the best long term strategy. I have a tendency to get into something, be really into it, then burn out on it.  My struggle is always to keep going after the newness wears off. Also being realistic about how much time, energy, and motivation I really have.

For blog posts this month, I am going to do two posts from my Pagan Thrift series, and hopefully will be able to squeeze in a review of The Way of Fire and Ice. For now I am going to be staying at once a week.

Here is to sustainable change and growth in all things.

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s day!

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