The same thing is on my mind as what is probably on everyone else’s mind: the war in Ukraine with Russia. May Ukraine defend their country against Russia, and may civilians escape the bloodshed and be safe.

There is at least a million Ukrainians displaced already, and the number is only going to go up. These refugees need help with meals, finding a place to live, and basic necessities while they figure out if they will be leaving temporarily or will return. For those still within the country, they need food, medical care, and other basic necessities to prevent a humanitarian crisis. Please donate money to a reputable charity doing this work and don’t stop at sharing a meme or updating your profile picture. For those magickally inclined, the sunflower seed curse is in full swing, and add your energy to the effort.

What Ukrainians have on their side is welcoming neighbors and a recognition by the international community of their suffering. I do not mean to belittle their hardships in the slightest, but I wish the world had been as compassionate and accepting of refugees from Syria and Yemen and other war torn countries that aren’t majority white. War is war, no matter the color of the skin. Now instead of building a fence, Hungary has open arms. For the United States, many of the people entering through our Southern border have gone through events just as traumatic and face worse conditions than those in Ukraine if they return. I wish we, as a country, had more compassion toward people who are desperate and trying to escape an intolerable situation. Asylum seeking is legal through International Law, and we should not treat them as criminals.

With the years of the 45 Presidency, the part I have always been shocked by is the cruelty. The policy championed aren’t policies that might cause short term pain but long term gain, or ones that might cause pain to some individuals but overall are good. They are policies that the purpose is to be cruel, and inflict pain, and no other reason. That was why we had the family separation policy. I do not see anything our country gains from separating families that is greater than then pain inflicted. People are people, and if your choices are to stay and risk your children being the victim of violence by a gang or flee to the United States, most reasonable people will flee.  The American Right is full of people who aren’t concerned with making the country a better place, they simply want their group to be in control and inflict pain on those they see as enemies. I am not saying everyone with opposing politics is angelic, and there is real rage at Republicans, but I don’t see an equivalent to “it makes liberal tears” on the left that is promoted by those in leadership.

For blog news, the month of March will be a busy month. I shall be attending the first in person Paganicon in 2 years. The Wee dictator has also demanded Spring family time. I am not sure if I will get a chance to blog about Paganicon this month. I will be adding two more posts in the Pagan Thrift series, and at least one review.

I hope everyone has a happy Ostara, St Patrick’s day, and any other March holidays you celebrate!

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