Loki and Sigyn By Lea Svendsen Llewellyn Books 2022

At times whimsical yet informative, Loki and Sigyn explores the often neglected and overshadowed Sigyn and ever growing in popularity husband. Author Lea Svendsen runs through the basics of Loki in the lore and what we know about Sigyn (hint: not much) before discussing modern worship of both.

The author also wrote the Heathen chapter in the excellent Do I Have to Wear Black? By Mortellus and as far as I can tell used to blog at Patheos Pagan. It is a shame that she stopped blogging there, because she was one of my favorite writers. However, Svendsen does have her own blog as well.

This book covers the basics of Heathenry, and history to the Troth’s now rescinded Loki ban. Svendsen is one of the rare heathens raised in heathenry abroad, and the story of her path is quite engaging. She does get personal, and shares the support of her Christian family. This book also clearly labels what is UPG, which is something I appreciate.

For Sigyn, unfortunately so little is known of her we have to use UPG. I think it is a measure of the growth of Heathenism that there is much more exploration of lesser known figures, and that people are willing to venture outside of the Eddas. As cool as the stories are, they are only a piece of the puzzle. Unless a trove of manuscripts of all the old tales that are written by heathens is discovered, (which for the record I don’t think exists)  those who practice a Norse path do need to reach beyond the known stories. Much as discernment is a problem, books like these on working with lesser known deities help modern practitioners stay in dialogue and hopefully turn UPG into SPG.

I like that there is equal parts experience on scholarly research in this book. It has fueled my desire to work with the lovely but quiet lady, who is a true ally in tough times.

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