Path of a Seeker by Shauna Aura Knight

Shauna Aura Knight is an artist, author, blogger and ritual teacher.  Path of a Seeker is a collection of blog posts covering her spiritual journey, personal relationships, financial troubles, and struggles with her physical health.  Shorter essays are grouped by category to form each section.

This book is a treasure trove of wisdom.  Knight gets very personal, talking about her spiritual doubts, triumphs, and often difficult personal growth.  She identifies as Pantheist, and I am of the opinion we need more personal stories of personal growth on the pagan path.  I was excited to read about her experiences at Paganicon (although I don’t think I was there the specific year she talks about.)  Her message resonates with all paths: personal growth is never done.

My main issue is that the book is blog posts packaged into a book—and it shows. Blog formatting is maintained in the book.  I do not have any issue with anyone turning a blog into a book.  But I think if you do, a book should be formatted like a book, and not blog posts.  Multiple essays cover the same topic from a different angle and include repetition, which the author admits up front.  While I understand that is how the creative proves works, that is what editing is for.  Several of the shorter essays could have been combined to make a tighter narrative.  Also, there were parts that needed another round of proofreading to catch simple mistakes, and the page numbers don’t line up with the table of contents. 

That being said, I recognize my issues are with the format, and not the content.  This book is more than worth the time to read despite my issues.  It is also a book best read in small doses, instead of trying to plow through it in one sitting, in order to absorb what is said.

The author is a talented woman sharing her experience and knowledge to help other seekers on their path.  Her work as an artist and as a writer is a contribution to the pagan community.

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