April Fools! For all the people of Minnesota—snow on the ground again just as it was beginning to melt. Before the temperature picked up it looked like a Winter Wonderland in April. The drought is over, and we are officially at #3 for winter snowfall. Global climate change has caused Minnesota to lose our edge—we get polar vortexes once a decade instead of 20 below being well, winter. With all the snow and very little subzero temps, I don’t even get the glee of thinking “Die Emerald Ash Borers! Die!”

On a more serious note, when I compare the winters of the last few years to those of my childhood it is clear winter has changed. It is easy to feel helpless against a changing climate, but more importantly against those who should be leading but instead are refusing to either see it to take action on it.

I am strangely enough heartened by the latest twist in the Desantis vs Disney drama. For those who don’t know, Disney had a special status and basically ran the city of Orlando. A law was passed to yank that status away to punish Disney for speaking out against the “don’t Say Gay” law. However, before the hand picked Desantis board started meeting, the old board under the control of Disney voted to give all control to Disney.

My surprise comes from Disney lawyers have a reputation for being cutthroat, so I figured they would sue to try to stop the law from being enacted. I suspect the lawyers looked everything over to make sure all the laws were being followed so the move couldn’t be overturned, and did it the day before so no one had time to change it.

It feels really odd to be happy about a corporation getting one over a governor.

For this month, I am trying to keep my head above water as semester enters the second half. I will be posting about Paganicon, and hopefully will get back to the blogging schedule.  

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