Start of November means the end of spooky Halloween season. Now Christmas has annexed the calendar after Halloween and succeeded in the hostile takeover of Thanksgiving. Boo! Welcome to capitalism, where a holiday only has meaning if you can get people to buy stuff for it. Hosting a pleasant meal with family doesn’t generate enough sales, so that means pushing the moneymaker for American stores to accomplish the takeover.

Yes, I hate Christmas and am cynical.

November also means voting time. Take a look at local elections and levies that are to be voted on. There are always stuff going on, and there has been a push from right wing organizations to get their people on the ballot. Democracy means paying attention, or you lose it.

Global climate change feels more real now. We got a hot streak, then a cold snap, now heating up again. Rain came in fall and not summer, which makes me wonder if we aren’t so much in drought as the rains are shifting to come at a different time. Which means farmers need to shift when they plant and harvest, which would cause all kinds of disruption.  Humans will probably figure this out eventually, but most likely it will be messy getting there.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I hope everyone is able to have a wonderful holiday with family, either genetic or chosen.

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