Last December I reviewed the shop Enchanted Boutique. Since then they have moved to Maplewood and faced a series of hardships. They had a Covid outbreak among staff, forcing a close, then a pipe burst that caused flooding and damaged inventory. They are asking for community help. Please support them if you are able to, and details of their requests are on their website.

August is shaping up to be a busy month for me. Trying to squeeze in all the summer fun things before the air turns cool. I am also going back to school to get a masters, and am taking my first graduate level class.  I am going to try to my best to keep on the one blog post per week schedule. But if I miss a week, there are plenty of reasons why.

For those in Minnesota, remember to vote in the primary August 8. Take time to look up who your local candidates are. Local officials often have far more impact on day to day lives.

I hope everyone has a happy Lughnasadh and has a good start to the harvest season. May everyone enjoy their State Fairs, summer celebrations, and renaissance festivals. In this time of so much bad news, we need to find joy where we can.

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