Journey to the North end of the Twin cities to the Enchanted Boutique. This metaphysical shop carries tarot and oracle decks, crystals, candles, chakra singing bowls, and stones. Check out their spiffy website and active Facebook page, which is a must because they have frequent sales. For the gift giver EB has a variety of kits, and subscriptions are available.  While there, check out their readers and you will not be disappointed.

Attached to the shop is a large event area, where they host community meetings, classes, and pop-up sales. Periodically EB hosts a psychic fair, where you can sign up for four or more short 15 minute session with different readers, like aura photography, reiki, and oracle readings. It is a nice opportunity to check out different divination types to see what appeals to you, or get a feel for different readers. The one issue was after a few sessions the readers weren’t all in sync in times they ended, so sometimes I had to wait for a specific reader, or be flexible to see who is open.

Located right off White Bear Ave, this shop is easy to find and drive to. The store also has a decent parking lot, and I have never had trouble finding a space when I have gone there for an event. However, EB recently announced they will be moving soon, so this entire paragraph might change.

Enchanted Boutique is the place I would go for events, or to pick up supplies. Their book selection is not so great, neither is the herb selection, and they don’t have statues.  They have a variety of divination tools, but not that many different decks. I am glad to see candles from Shadowick Creations, but don’t think there is much else for local crafters.

Each metaphysical shop has their own slightly different niche. I would say EB is crystals, stones, and candles. They are more on the New Age side of the spectrum I would say than pagan, even though they do host pagan groups. But the Enchanted Boutique is still a charming shop that is worth a visit.

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