I originally intended for the third Monday of the month to be a scene or short I wrote. I admit I haven’t been very good about posting every month. A part of it is because I am hesitant to post something that isn’t polished. Another reason is I feel if its a scene later in the story, I have to spend time explaining what is going on. Then there is the issue of if I should be posting sections of something I am still working on, or if doing shorts takes time away from doing other work.

The blog has been up for a year, but I still consider myself new at this. I also consider ti to be very much a work in progress. I am learning what works, and what i willing to put energy into. I am more leaning toward having the third Monday either be a piece of fiction or talking about a specific craft issue I have been working on. I actually liked my menstrual rite post, and I think that is more what I want to talk about, a peek behind the curtain of what i a writing or how I am creating my world.

For now, my current WIP is tentatively titled “Dark Island”. I have been knee deep in revision for a long time, and keeping finding more I want to work on. However, I realize I am getting tot he point I need to take a break from it and get feedback from beta readers. I was skimming through sections, and realized I had forgotten what version of the scene was in this revision. I think I need to set it aside for a few weeks, then read it all the way through to look at it with fresh eyes. I also think I need Beta readers because I am at the point where I need feedback on what is working and what isn’t.

Revision is a lot like pruning. Its setting your focus, getting rid of what not longer fits, but also strengthening what is there that works. I have extras docs of cut scenes that is about the length of another novel in itself. I know each revision makes it stronger, but its disheartening to wonder how far I really am from the finish line.

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