Winter, which had been kind to us so far, came to Minnesota with a vengeance in the form of our first major snowstorm this winter. Now is the magick of digging out your car and frantically praying to Manannan Mac Lir to open the way home while on slick roads.

To anyone of the Celtic Pagan persuasion, when I am driving in adverse conditions I start praying to Manannon. “Manannon Mac Lir, opener of the way, please open the way for me (add any passengers) to (return home/ destination/ get to destination and return home) safely.” I repeat this in sets of threes three times, so it ends up being nine, or when I think of it as I grip my steering wheel in an attempt to keep down rising panic. So far it has not failed me. When I chant that I haven’t gotten into an accident or had a spin out, and while I wasn’t always the one driving I have experienced both.  I am also a very slow driver when it snows, which I think is part of the reason I have remained in one piece.

The wave of sickness continues to move through the world and causing Children’s Tylenol to disappear from shelves. It feels like that is becoming the 2022 toilet paper. A reminder to get your flu shot and all boosters etc. Even if they don’t work all the time, something is better than nothing. Especially for those who are high risk.

Nothing big in blog news. Surviving this semester, most likely will be three posts this month. At least it will be over soon, for good or ill. Then end of year and holiday craziness.

Happy holidays! May the year end with blessings, and 2023 be better than 2022!

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