Happy Imbolc to all who celebrate! May this be the time to plant seeds and refocus for the future.

Winter has struck hard this year. Get a few nice winters, then bam! More snow in a month than we normally get in a year, a drop in temp, raise in temp. more snow, drop in temp. At least it has been nice this weekend.  Wary of melting and refreezing making sidewalks and roads a skating rink. Then again, if all the snow melts slowly hopefully that will prevent flooding. Of course, hitting the “I am sick of winter” mood in February is usually not a good place to be. Sigh.

Spring semester has started, and I am taking 2 classes (yay me). So far they have been interesting, but with grad school free time is short. I do have a better idea of how to structure my to do list to make sure I get all my classwork done. So I will try my best to keep with one post a week.

I know I haven’t gotten very far on my Pagans and the Past series. I still have plenty of ideas for it, so will be continuing that soon. There is that whole sleeping thing I have to make sure I do.

Those who have winter, may the rest f the season be gentle on you.

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