Happy 2022!

May the New Year meet our much lowered expectations of a year free of an Apocalypse. Or several. We are now in Covid III: Omnicron: the sequel nobody wanted but got pushed through despite lacking everything that made the original good. Let us hope like most terrible third movies in a series, it will leave the theaters of our lives so quickly only movie trivia geeks will have heard of it.

On to Cheerier Topics

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions. Instead I have goals, but my goals tend to be by month/quarter/sabbat so the secular New Year isn’t the only time I try to make changes, embark on a new project, or force myself to complete something that has been on my radar for a while but shoved aside. New Years is always a good time to reflect, and with the frozen wasteland outside there isn’t much chance to get out without three layers when there isn’t a global pandemic still chugging along. It is also a good time to plan and do divination for the next year.

While this isn’t totally due to the New Year, lately I have been focusing on trying to make good habits. I have to accept my nature is to be lazy, so I need to work to make regularly doing a new task as easy on me as possible.  But that means being honest with myself as to what I am able to do consistently and where I can get the biggest bang for the buck. Which actually takes more thought and planning than just saying “I am going to forge ahead and change my life based on pure willpower!” which doesn’t work. (There is science to back me up on this one.) In general, writers are going to be better served by making a routine where writing is just a habit, rather than relying on willpower. The same goes for pretty much developing any skill.

New Blog Topic Series

For this year, my mind kept returning to a blog post I did for my Journey to Paganism series called Thrifty Pagan. I realized a lot of the ideas could be expanded upon. I will be starting a new monthly blogging series called Pagan Thrift on the second week of the month.  For all blogging schedules, I count from the first Monday of the month. My plan is first week will be announcements, second week will be Pagan Thrift, third week will be a review, fourth week will be thoughts. Which means if there is a fifth week/ inbetween time it will most likely be a review, but it might be any other topic I choose to blog on.

May 2022 be better than 2021. Although all that really takes is there not being another imminent disaster over the horizon.

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