Ah, summer. Bright sunshine on my face. Time to dig out the tank tops. Kids running around playing outside, the soothing sound of bird song.

A gentle reminder that I need to start wearing insect repellant on my walks in the park when I came home covered in red bumps. I at least remembered to wear a hat and sunglasses when out planting for my (mini) garden. Which just happened in June. Yes, I will work on it earlier next year, I say for the fifth year in a row. I burned calories and got exercise, which is good for me, I tell myself, every time I walk and remember how sore I am. I planted stuff good for the bees and butterflies, and maybe will do my little part to help.

At least the country is no longer stumbling toward default with the debt ceiling deal.  The fact a deal actually got done is good news, although the only reason it happened was due to democrat not thinking in the long term again. Of course, the republican uses what leverage they can to stigmatize poor people even more and put money into the pockets of government contractors, yank money away from hemorrhaging IRS because tax money apparently jumps into the government’s net like salmon coming to spawn, and get a pipeline built.

Functioning government. Terrible compromises.

I hope everyone has a Happy Summer Solstice! Midsummer! To all who celebrate.

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