Ah March. Shamrock shakes, wet snow on the ground, and mother nature playing tricks on us.

Only 11 days until Paganicon. It is an awesome event for any pagan or pagan adjacent people who can make it to the Twin cities. The lovely Kristoffer Hughes is back (I reviewed his book Cerridwen here) and with plenty other guests and topics, it looks like it will be a wonderful time. I am looking forward to it.

In not so nice news, Florida is at it again. When I heard the round up of the bills being introduced in the legislature this session, I wanted to scream. They include expanding “Don’t say Gay” to 3-8th Grade, banning gender studies in public colleges and universities, and saying any story using anonymous stories is false.  

Yes, it is easy for someone in a state with no part of government controlled by the party of authoritarians to simply shrug it off as a lost cause. But John Beckett pointed out in his response to called for a “National Divorce” is that the Blue vs Red with radically different laws is basically free vs unfreee stats, and it didn’t work out so well last time that happened. It is easy to feel hopeless nowadays. Don’t think for a moment the far right will stop, or that any law passed will ever be enough. As soon as they get a foothold in one state, they will use that to slam through everything they can and sink their claws in the floor when voters try to vote them out. Look at Wisconsin.

It is also why events like Paganicon are so important. Find your people, because humans are social creatures and we draw strength from social ties. Strengthen relationships with your gods and allies, to be in right relation. And remember that magick must always be supported by mundane action to be effective. Don’t cast a spell instead of calling your representative, do both.

Remember, cultivating joy can be what gives people strength they need to make change.

I hope everyone has a great Ostara!

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