Yes, I am a day late.

After getting a teaser spring of several fabulous days, Minnesota weather went right back to chilly. Some day.  Some fabled day there will be warmth and sunshine…. And then there will also be sunburn, mosquitoes, and ticks.

For the (non)warm Beltane we had, John Beckett has an excellent post about Beltane and its association with sexuality.  In a day when Drag shows are being made illegal and trans care is rapidly being criminalized, there are many terrible reminders that battles that were thought to be won are being refought.  I doubt our ancestors had the same hang ups we do, but finding joy in who we are is important to celebrate. Accepting what arrangements consenting adults are happy with is their own business does not mean allowing abuse, which is why there needs to be consent culture.

Happy Beltane!

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