Halfway through dreaded Nanowrimo, I have a mixed report.

I have been writing every day for at least an hour. I do have a very loose definition of working on my WIP– I include time I spend staring at the screen, pacing the hall because a new idea came to my mind and I need to move while I work it out, and journal about how much this sucks. But I have showed up every day so far this month.

The problem is, my goal was 50 hours this month. I made a mistake in my math for what the mid month goal would be. I didn’t realize until a couple of days ago that my math was off, when I had been patting myself on the back because I was going to make the original goal.

So I am meeting one goal, falling behind on the other.

What I am going to do is if I meet my goal of working on writing every day for an hour until the end of the month, I’ll get my first reward. If I make it to 50 hours I will get the second.

I am discovering a bunch doing this, so I actually will do a reflection on Nanowrimo in December.

Now, back to revising.

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