Pumpkin Spice now reigns supreme. Until it will be beaten out by peppermint and gingerbread.Now is the time to enjoy fall colors and the official start of spooky system.

In remembering those who have passed a RIP to Senator Dianne Feinstein. No, I don’t agree with everything she did. Yes, her health was clearly failing the last few years. I personally think it would have been best if she had retired last election. None of that minimizes her accomplishments. I firmly believe she should still be celebrated and honored as a trailblazer who did good things, even as I know she was not perfect.

In unexpected good news, a government shutdown was narrowly averted, but we’ll see what the mes is in November. Is it too much to ask House republicans to actually care about governing and not posturing?

For blog news, it will be a low month. Hopefully I get a chance to celebrate the spooky.

Happy Samhain!

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