Almost Halloween!

As my family is going through our second possible Covid exposure (how long until kids can get vaccinated already… sigh) it is time to enjoy my favorite time of the year: fall. Yes, it is time for jack-o-lanterns, candy apples, spooky fun, and hayrides. Also the time a the air gets crisp as we head into the winter.

For over the past year, I have been writing the Journey to Paganism series every other Friday. I am surprised I was bale to keep at it for as long as I did. I found a bunch of topics needed to be split up, and there were several topics I want to revisit from another angle. But the every other week schedule was difficult, so I decided to change it to once a month.

So Tentative blog schedule as follows:

First Monday Announcements

Second Friday Journey to Paganism/ Pagan related topic

Third Monday WIP update/fiction/ what is going on in the writing realm

Reviews will continue to be on Wednesdays. I hope to post two a month, but we will see. This is intended to be a minimum. If I feel the need the need to blog more I definitely will.

This month, I hope to keep with an appropriate spooky theme. Happy and safe Halloween to all my readers!

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