Eric Molinsky hosts Imaginary Worlds, and each episode chooses one topic relating to the creation and use of worlds that have been created.  The topics range from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 to Octavia Butler to the development of Harley Quinn.    interviews with writers and creators of sci-fi, like Ron Moore of Battlestar Galactica and Scott Snyder.

I call this my favorite geek podcast.  The episodes are long enough to cover a focused topic in depth but short enough it doesn’t feel like a chore to find time to listen to each episode.  Interspersed with informational episodes is the host’s own exploration of the world of geek, like LARP and D and D. I marveled at Molinsky’s introduction to Dungeons and Dragons (one part of me saying, “how could he have never played D and D before?” While another thought “oh, how cute, your first time at D and D”.)  Through Imaginary Worlds I often learn about something I knew nothing about or have a new perspective on a classic.  The possible inspiration for Dracula being Wild Bill Cody is a must listen.

Imaginary Worlds also explores topics outside of the white male geek normative, like black cosplay, the inspiration for Zorro being Mexican American vigilantes that were white washed, and Wonder Woman’s feminist origins.  Even the episodes over a part of geekdom I am not familiar with or have little interest in I found engaging.  There are also episodes on practical aspects of imaginary worlds that are forgotten about, like the economy of Game of Thrones and food in fantasy novels.  I personally find this podcast inspiring as a writer, and as a fan exposes me to new fantasy writers and worlds.

My main critique is there are multiple topics I wish would be covered that have not yet.   X-men deserve more than a casual glance when talking about villains (although that was good too), and please oh please do a show about Rogue and Storm.    

This is one podcast I get a ping when a new episode is posted, and I can’t wait to listen. 

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