Using modern logic and multiple puns, Ocean Keltoi’s YouTube channel has videos on pagan theology, Norse paganism, and Heathen story time. His videos are often informative and entertaining.

For the virtual 2021 Paganicon, Ocean participated in the Heathen panel. (Paganicon are updating their website, so I couldn’t find the page of past events, but believe me, he was there.)  I am posting this before Thanksgiving (Well, it is a day before) before pagans return to have time with family members for the Holidays. This is the perfect channel to watch when you know you will face your not supporting of pagan path family members to learn how to properly argue for polytheism with your asshole uncle who tries to tear apart your pagan beliefs. (Alcohol not included).

I do wish he had a video explaining how he chose his name. Being he is Heathen I wonder why he has the name Keltoi (which I thought was the Greek word we get Celt from).  Ocean does say he was Celtic Christian before breaking away from Christianity entirely, so maybe he started using that name when debating atheists before becoming Heathen.

In college, I took modern logic to get out of math, so I recognize how he’s constructing his theorems and arguments. Ocean’s videos are very good at explaining the theology of Heathen and pagan ideas. It is strange that the philosophy works of classical pagans are often understudied by modern pagans. I suspect it is because of the surge in Celtic and Norse paths, which have less written material.  Having a good theological foundation helps to be clear to oneself about one’s beliefs. His videos on latent Christianity are useful both for someone who is on the pagan path for a while but still has the nagging cultural programming to deal with, and the new practitioner just learning how to see past the Christian belief system.

Come for the step by step explaining about how polytheism is logical and more consistent than monotheism, stay for the entertaining stories and necromancy jokes. Ocean is a surprisingly good storyteller in the campfire sense.  He is also good at pulling out pagan nuggets from Christian tales. If nothing else, watch his Viking ghost story videos. I just hope his youtube privileges don’t get revoked by his cat again like after the Volsi video.

Ocean cut his teeth debating with atheists and some of those videos are on his channel.  That experience shows in his ability to make good arguments. I admire his ability to stay calm when the person he is debating is being a complete ass. This has given him connections to the atheist community—with videos talking about atheists experiencing their own Metoo reckoning. (I personally know nothing about the atheist community, but am not shocked something like that happened.)  He does a live stream with Suris the Skeptic called Hammered Out! He also does a live stream with Wolf the Red and a guest star that is called the Omnipotent Beard.

While these videos are an excellent source for information, the weakness is practice. This isn’t the place I would go to if I was trying to plan a ritual or start a daily practice.  It also doesn’t talk about how to start and maintain a relationship with gods and the other beings pagans have experience with. But what Ocean does well, he does very well, so it is definitely worth checking it out.  

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