Cleansing is essential for every pagan, and especially those who do any magick or spiritual work, needs to be done on a regular basis. Sometimes, we all need to clear out the gunk. Just as mundane cleaning helps cleanse and clear out stagnant energy in our spaces and on our stuff, so will cleaning our bodies.

A spa day consciously used to cleanse does wonders for the mind and body. I personally think self care has been co-opted as a marketing term, but to bring it back to is original meaning, self care is something you do to take care of you. This can involve spending money, but doesn’t have to. Sometimes in a stressful situation, taking a timeout to give yourself time to focus on something else is what you need to gather the strength to confront the situation.

This is loosely inspired by the Spa Day at Home found in the book 14 Day Herbal Cleansing. I have “paganized” the process to make it a spiritual cleanse. Feel free to change as necessary. This is only a guideline.

One caution is to screen everything for allergies before you use. Dab a little on your skin to make sure there is no reaction. There are also essential oils like cinnamon and citrus that either should not be used on skin at all or only with caution. Also, consider clean up. Over the years I have picked up several items to add to a bath that when the tub drained left a mess I had to spray down. If there is herbs in a bath item, I prefer when it is wrapped in cheesecloth so I don’t have to do any messy cleanup.


For best results, clean your bathroom beforehand. It will help if the energies are cleared in the space you are using. While this can be done in a cluttered area, having the space clean and organized will help focus.

Have all items you are going to use out and accessible before beginning. You might tell yourself you can grab that while the bathtub is filling up, but the prep work will help everything go smoothly. Also, put the items you will use while in the bath next to the tub within reach to avoid any awkwardness.


This is really up to you. If you want to get elaborate you can play soothing music, have flickering candles (where they can burn safely and out of the reach of the tub), or have a cleansing scent.


Body brush

Bath water



Full body

Set Intention

Take deep cleansing breaths. Stand still for a moment, and just think of your goal—to be cleansed.  Turn on the bath as hot as is comfortable for you.

Dry Brush

First, take a body brush made of natural fibers and do a lymph massage. This is basically to move lymph around your body. I use the guide from Healing Hippy, but you can find a guide here. The basic idea is to brush your body toward your heart to move lymph throughout your body.

Money saver: 

Really, any brush will do. Natural fibers are recommended, but it won’t kill you to use a synthetic.

Bath Water

Add what you wish to the bath water. This can be anything—bath salts, herbal teas, or a bath bomb. Things like rosemary and sage work well for banishing negativity.

Money saver:

Get a bag of Epsom salt, and pour in one cup per bath. If you want to add extra oomph, make a mixture of essential oils with witch hazel and add to the bath.


I currently use an herbal vinegar rinse. There are also plenty of essential oil blends to help hair health. Climb into the tub, and tease through your hair and scalp.

Money saver:

Making your own vinegar rinse takes time because you have to let it seep, but is usually not expensive. If all else fails, leave conditioner in your hair while soaking in the tub.


The best option is some sort of facial mask. Something which you will leave on and rinse off after several minutes.

Money saver:

Look at free samples. Or options like honey mixed with lavender oil.

After you have soaked your hair and placed your facial mask, lay back in the tub and make yourself comfortable. I sue this time to meditate. Just enjoy the bath—the heat seeping into your bones, the scents you have decided to use. Listen. Use this to focus on the moment.

Rinse your face and hair.


This should be different from your normal soap. Something like a special scrub or body wash only used when cleansing.

Money saver:

There are bags you can get to put soap in that act as a scrubber.

Rinse off, then lay in the bath. I like to lay with my face in the water and push a few breaths out to say I am releasing all my negativity. The turn on my back, and say a prayer for cleansing. I include lines like:

Heal the wounds of my body to heal the wounds of my soul

Cleanse me of hatred so I may know only love

Give yourself as long as you need. Visualize a color you consider negative. See this as a light throughout your body, slowly leaving and entering the water. When ready, drain the tub. As you see the water drain:

I cast away all that has held me back

Pat yourself dry. 

Thank your deities/ancestors/ higher self for this cleanse.

Quick Shower Version

With the time commitment to take a bath, when low on time or spoons I would add cleansing elements to a shower. A shortened version:

Take a few breaths

Dry brush

Face—no mask in the shower version. Try using exfoliant , or simply wash your face gently with a washcloth.

Bodywash—If you do the brush, skip the scrub. Just wash your entire body.

Stand under shower. Turn it as hot as is comfortable. Visualize everything you want to get rid of as a color being washed away by the shower and going down the drain.

Say a prayer and thank your deities.

How Often Should You Cleanse?

The big bath cleanse no more than weekly. Vinegar hair rinse should be used twice a month, and if using a sugar/salt scrub you don’t want to do that more than once a week. Set aside one day a week for a major cleanse and make it a part of your routine. This will require buy in from partners and mini-humans to leave you undisturbed. (Remember, the gods invented nap time for parents to keep their sanity. Even mini-humans too young to leave someone alone can be seen to by a partner for an hour or two.) The investment will be worth it.

However, do a mini-cleanse as needed. Consider incorporating a cleanse into your daily shower. This can be as long and as elaborate as you wish. The important part is to do it regularly. The more you do it, the easier it becomes, and the more powerful it is.

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